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"The most outrageously delicious food in Fitchburg"

Super Fans Deli and Pizzeria

Gary A. Roy 

General Manager: Prep Cook and Chef. This man does it all.

Jamie m. Roy 

Owner: A graduate of Johnson & Wales Univ. with a Bachelors in Restaurant Management.

Our Management


Monday: 11am-1am

Tuesday: 11am-1am

Wednesday: 11am-1am

Thursday: 11am-3am

Friday: 11am-3am


Sunday: 12pm-12am

Super Fans Deli And Pizzeria


If you are looking for a traditional deli/Pizzeria, look elsewhere. We get crazy with our food!


Established in 2012, Super Fans Deli and Pizzeria is a quick service restaurant serving the citizens of Fitchburg and the students Fitchburg State University great food for two years now. We have brought brand new food ideas to the city that have not been seen in the are before. The pizza is a delicious homemade dough that knocks all of the pizza in Fitchburg clear out of the water.


We are a family owned business. The idea started on a little food trailer in 2010. Owner, Jamie Roy, took ideas from his favorite places to travel and eat in college and gave them his own spin and hoped for the best. The reviews were great so he, and his family decided it was time to give the restaurant business a shot.